Creative Healing Immersion

The Creative Healing Immersion is an invitation to experience nature, intuition, deep listening, expression and silence.

In these 3 days of meditations, dancing, yoga, healthy food, exchanges, dialogues, mantras and celebration of life, our intention is to bring clarity and openness for our souls purpose to manifest in our lives. 
We will work intuitively with each group in a unique way, respecting the creative flow of the meeting.

One of the agreements for this immersion to happen is to let go of the outer world for 3 days (including letting go of using internet and electricity). Our time together is for improving other kind of connections. :)

It is open for whoever feels like expanding the conciousness about their soul, about Earth and about the gifts we all have to share. We intend to offer tools for cleaning the mind and for energetic purification of the space you live/work in. We will bring some knowledge about yoga, chakras, levels of energy, going beyond the belief system, sacred geometry and sound healing. Whether you feel you are a beginner or an advanced spiritual seeker, this immersion will bring to you an opportunity of inner expansion and simplicity.

Alongside the activities there will be also regular devotional program of the ashram, which all are welcome to attend.

About the facilitators

Lidia Gayatri and Maria Piza (Brazil)

We met last year in India in a women's circle. After, wirh five other women we traveled to the source of the Ganga (the holy river Ganges). There, in Gangotri, Lidia gave her first Heart Oracle workshop for Maria. Now we both give sessions with this art. We both felt the call for travelling together sharing our gifts and talents.

After one year travelling alone, with our individual work, we met again by the Ganga and felt that the time to create this journey together has arrived!

Lidia Gayatri: I started working as a professional energetic healer in 2013. Now I work with an intuitive healing art that I developed, called Heart Oracle. I love beauty, truth, nature and freedom. I'm Amma's disciple. My body was born in Belem-Para-Brasil and it is 30 years old. I love to travel and to deeply connect with different people and places, allowing myself to merge with the environment.

Maria: I'm 35 and have been on my spiritual path for the last 15 years. I was travelling through Europe last year offering sessions of Heart Oracle in different countries such as India, Brazil, France and UK. In my professional life I was working for 8 years in constructing deep dialogues between multi stakeholder groups in sustainability themes. Now I'm bringing both paths together, combining spirituality with dialogues (me and myself, me and other, me and society).

€150 Social
€250 Generous
-the participator can choose which price they pay
-including all activities, food and accommodation

4-6 June 2016

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