Spring Shakti Circle

Welcome Sisters (and Brothers!) to our first Shakti Circle in Bulgaria!

The Spring is a time of increased activity and vibrancy, literally an explosion of life - making it perfect time for inner transformation, planting healthy seeds for a new abundant life...

Shakti Circle is a way to celebrate the Divine Feminine present in all of us, share our unique gifts, experience healing, offer support and nourishment to each other, open our hearts, increase awareness, be inspired and nurtured by soft feminine energy, all this in a beautiful serene environment, offering the kind of peace you can only find in Nature.

It will be a time to deeply connect with each other and share in a safe and non-judgemental environment the depths of our being. It will be a time to enjoy, to celebrate and to reflect and relax… The ashram’s focused devotional energies and the occasion of the full moon will lift up the spirit, bring forth our true nature and bring to the surface the things that need to be worked on, individually and collectively.. 

If you feel the calling to join and exchange in a group of inspired and inspiring souls, read on…:

Activities included:
- Intuitive healing,
- Art, music, dance, relaxation
- Hatha and Nidra yoga, meditation, mudra, pranayama classes
- 5 rhythms dance, Shakti dance, ancient dance of the womb, dance for 4 main archetypes of feminine cycle
- Bhakti - singing bhajans & kirtans
- Vedic fire ceremonies, pujas and rituals
- Full moon ritual
- Sharing, connecting, exchanging 
- and much more….. 

- Learn the secrets of the feminine cycle and how to harness power from this cyclical nature
- Explore woman archetypes
- Learn to reconnect with and nourish the Inner Child 
- Discover the beauty of simplicity and natural living
- Enjoy natural surroundings offering peace, tranquility and relaxation 
- Meet and connect with like-minded women who have a vision and passion
- Experience the healing power of nature and collective feminine energy
- Unite with sisters to heal yourself, each other and the planet 

- Emilia
- Roksana
- Stephanie 

€225 including all activities, food and accommodation from Friday evening to Tuesday lunchtime.
We have agreed on a social price, focused on sharing in the spirit of service, taking very minimum for ourselves in order to give all an opportunity to participate in this wonderful celebration. 
Donations are welcome, if you feel generous and appreciate the experience you receive.

20-24 May 2016 
The official program will end on 24th, however if you have more time you are welcome to stay with us until the 25th, (there will be a fire ceremony and other activities/time for integration..) or extend your stay to a week to make it a nice holiday :) 

P.S. Men of course are very welcome!! (Although some classes might be women only)

- Main language of the seminar is English, Stephanie will lead some classes with translation from French

About the place:

Surya Kiran Dham is a beautiful land of nearly 5 acres, located in the hills of Bulgaria, one hour from Sofia. At 800 meter altitude, it has the charm and tranquility of the mountains, whilst being easily accessible by flight and locally by train or car. 

- We are located at the end of a tiny village, and all around is mostly nature. Vast forests and tall hills spread out in all directions. 

- The main teachings of the ashram are that of truth, simplicity and love. They are fully embedded in the way we work, pray and play.

- Just by the virtue of witnessing and living this reality one is learning a lot, to respect nature, people and all creation. Nature is also the best teacher, it teaches selflessness, generosity and balance in all aspects of life.

- The buildings here are simple, wooden and clay constructions, to avoid polluting the nature with more concrete and give visitors an experience of being fully in synchrone with nature’s bio-cycles.

- Visitors can benefit from ashram's tranquility and high energy created through regular pujas, homas and chanting. 



To book your place please contact roksana.b@hotmail.com , there are limited spaces so don’t delay!!