Sing & Pray for Standing Rock

Dear friends,
We hope this message finds you well, wherever you are....

As you maybe know we are very much involved and connected with the Water Protectors in North Dakota, who peacefully oppose the construction of a big oil pipeline that would go under many rivers, potentially polluting drinking source for millions of people.

It is the front line of a global movement, a movement away from greedy corporations and people polluting waters, earth, air.... and towards more respect, love and honour to Mother Earth and her abundant love.

There will be a pray & sing circle on Thursday 15th Dec 2016 in Mahadeva Gallery, Sofia, 7-9pm. Please join us if you can.... In person or spirit....

(At the bottom there are videos you can watch to give you an idea of what is happening and links to reliable pages you can donate to...)

Great video summary of what is going on at Standing Rock

Black Snake Prohpecy

Standing Rock Song

The Whole World is Watching - Pray with Standing Rock

Hundreds of veterans ask Native elders for forgiveness - very touching

A message from Native American elder, Saginaw Grant

Donation pages - Standing Rock Sioux tribe - Sacred Stone Legal Defense - URGENT help needed - Sacred Stone Camp (biggest camp)