About the ashram

The ashram of Babaji in the hills of Bulgaria is meant as a place where people from all  backgrounds can meet in truth, simplicity and love. These qualities are embedded in our day to day life. In our prayers, the way we work and live together.
It is open to people of all backgrounds to pursue their spiritual development

The Name:
The name Sree Haidhakandi Surya Kiran Dham literally translates as 
"Sacred Place (Dham) 
by the name of Sun Ray (Surya Kiran), 
guided by Sree Hairakandi (Babaji)"

Our yoga:
The yoga we practice in Surya Kiran is a combination of Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Sadhana. 
  • Karma Yoga means selfless work which is necessary to create and maintain the place, to enable it to receive and give a comfortable stay to more and more people. At the same time it gives the benefit of grounding, centering and invoking deep inner peace and wisdom in the karma yogi.
  • Bhakti yoga encompasses the devotional activities, pujas, chanting and kirtans, it fills daily our hearts with inspirations, deep joy and peace.
  • Sadhana means spiritual practice and it can be anything from physical exercises, meditation, singing, reading spiritual texts etc

About the place:
Surya Kiran Dham is a beautiful land of nearly 5 acres, located in the hills of Bulgaria, one hour from Sofia. At 800 meter altitude, it has the charm and tranquility of the mountains, whilst still easily accessible by flight, train or car.
The nature here is very beautiful. We are located at the end of a tiny village, and as far as you can see is only nature. Vast forests and tall hills spread out in all directions.

Spiritual Lineage:
Babaji (Haidhakan Baba, 'Father of Haidakhan') is one of the main spiritual masters that this place is dedicated to. It is his teachings and guidance that is the foundation of the the daily life and routine here at Surya Kiran.
We also very much love and adore Amma (Amritanandamayi Mata, 'Mother'), who is the spiritual Mother to this ashram. As any good child has a loving mother and a father so does the ashram...
The disciple of Babaji and master of Rai Dass, Shri Muniraji is also very much present in Spirit in the ashram. 

Our mission is to live and share the teachings of Amma and Baba, in a way that is accessible to all those who visit. The energy of Babaji, with the emphasis on dedicated hard work, discipline and repetition of God's name, and Ammaji who focuses on love and compassion to all creation and selfless service.
Shiva and Shakti energy in harmony and unity, expressed in down to earth, practical terms.
Our aim is to instill quality, care and awareness in all that we do, so that Surya Kiran can be a spiritual home to all who come.

The ashram was born in 2009 after Shri Muniraji, disciple of Babaji, gave a clear signal and a blessing for it to Rai Dass. "Mr Nobody" as Rai Dass calls him, was an enlightened spiritual master who left his body in 2012.

In the words of Rai Dass:
"The history of Surya Kiran is very much connected to one of the most mystic gifts I received until now in this wonderful life. 'Kala Samudreshvar Mahadev' - 'Lord of the Black Sea', as I called the majestic Lingam, who had slept since the times of Philip from Macedonia, father of Alexander the Great, in the grave of a highly evolved being of the Trakian race.
In 2006 I had an unforgettable meeting with the spirit of this God-like being and in July 2007 this Lingam which she had worshipped came into my hands, and on the order of the magic Lingam I celebrated the first Navaratri (9 days of continuous worship of the Divine Mother) at the place it was found. This was a beginning of a new phase in my life. When I showed photos of 'Kala Samudreshvar' to my gurujee, Shri Muniraji, about 2 months later in India, he would reply simply and clearly: 'Now you have to do something for Him'.... 

It was the reconfirmation for a deep going change in my personal life which I had initiated already earlier. As a result, I would start a Babaji center in my apartement in Sofia, where there would be regular fire ceremonies and aartis. Already in summer 2008 I had found, guided by the divine hand, a beautiful piece of land of little less than 5 acres. 

It was on this land that the ashram activities would start. There was a powerful fire ceremony to celebrate this event, in September 2008, which felt very blessed... Since then the ashram leela grows bigger and more impactful day by day... "

If you want to know the rest of the story, vist us, and Rai Dass will be happy to tell you all the details!!