Our Schedule

Weekly Schedule

Every day 
  • Morning: Pooja / kirtan / aarti (offering of the 5 elements to the Source of all elements)
  • Evening: Aarti / kirtan (devotional singing of mantras)
every Sunday:
  • Fire ceremony 10:08 AM start
Vedic Fire Ceremonies are performed for all types of occasions: to let go of patterns and obstacles in our lives, to express gratitude, for healing, purification of the environment and ourselves, or to pray for success with a particular venture.

(Please contact before to confirm attendance, so arrangements can be made in time.
Feel free to bring fruits and nuts for offering and vegetarian foods for the common breakfast afterwards)

Please note, ashram is closed during winter months. 
December through to March.
Contact us for more information.

Typical Daily Routine

Life in the ashram based on the Yogic principles of wellbeing, and in order to come in touch with your own inner guidance, you will be expected to adjust to the ashram rhythm...  

(The timings depend on the season, usually wake up time is between 5-6:30 AM)

  • Wake up, shower
  • Morning personal practice of yoga or meditation (30 -45min)
  • Morning devotional program, pooja, common prayer and kirtan, (45min - 1 hr)
  • Breakfast 
  • Karma yoga (2 hr)
  • Break, lunch/snack, rest
  • Karma yoga (2-3 hr)
  • Afternoon break, shower/refreshement
  • Evening devotional program, Aarti and kirtans, (45 min - 1hr)
  • Dinner - light vegan/vegetarian meal
  • Relax, satsang
  • Sleep